outline of program

HAX Tokyo program runs in batches, where every startup starts the program at the same time.

Application for the next batch is open until the end of March and the program will starts in July.

Stage 0 Program period:90days



A place to learn the basics of start-up management and match "technology seeds" with "business needs".

Tokyo is a place to learn the basics of start-up management and match "technology seeds" with "business needs".Startups are provided with hardware-focused communities and can receive advice from the world leading experts in business and product development. They also have the opportunity to collaborate with Japanese partners such as Sumitomo Corporation.

Stage 1 Program period:120-360days



A place for Prototyping & manufacturing

Shenzhen is a stage where we'll focus on rapid iteration of prototyping in many forms. This includes physical models, technology iterations, user interaction studies, volumetric studies, marketing messaging, business plans and launch strategies. With the help of our full-time staff, mentors, partners, and startup community, we'll also work with you on developing a scalable business plan.

Stage 2 period:60-90days

 San Francisco 


A place for  Fundraising & Marketing

After you've proto-typed in Shenzhen and are ready to take your product to a market, you'll head to San Francisco, where we'll work with you on business development, fundraising, and growth. This stage emphasizes introductions to corporates, investors, partners and press. It also focuses on helping teams secure their first round of funding, as well as gain first-revenue and partnership traction.



outline of program

Hax Tokyo consists of three programs: (1) Curriculum (2) Prototyping (3) Collaboration.

Session / Workshop

Basics of startup operation, hardware prototyping, design thinking

Repeat Prototyping and Hypothesis Verification
PoC with BU and corporation

Apply for HAX Tokyo

For further clarification, please feel free to contact us.(

Applications Processes

​Applications Processes

Deadline 2020/11/6

Screening of the Documents


Information Seminar


・Program participants must attend.

​・Video interview is available

First Interview


・Program participants must attend.

​・Video interview is available

Second Interview


・Program participants must attend.

​・Video interview is available

(Further Interviewes if necessary)

Teams Selected


Application Requirements

1. Startup companies issuing stocks that aim to go IPO or M & A.

2. At least two people should participate during the program (only one person is NG).

3. The product your developing is hardware (robotics, IoT, etc.).

4. Managers(CEO・CTOetc.)can participate in the program.

5. If selected for Stage 1 Shenzhen program(120-160days),you should accept the investment(up to $ 250,000)from SOSV, and participate Shenzhen program.